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My name is Jonah Knight. I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach, musician, and fully immersed in geek/nerd culture. Want to know more about me? Read the About Me and My Philosophy pages.

Eating-Moving-Living is a blog about, you know, eating, moving, and living. Look at the Label box to the left. All of my articles about food and nutrition stuff is tagged with Eating, the movement and exercise pieces are under Moving, and all of the other random stuff is under Living. Because we eat and move in order to live, right?

Most of the articles are stand alone pieces, but even so I hope that, over time, you have a chance to read the bits that on first glance may not sound like something you're interested in. My hope is that all together they paint a bigger picture of a healthy life.

Here are my blog policies.

Links! I place a lot of value on citing sources. If I write something about a food having some property or that a certain exercise will give a certain result, I try link to a reputable source. I try really hard to 1) not link to anecdotal stuff, just actual science and 2) not to link to a site with popups or stupid adds. I want you to trust my links.

Also, I swear. Sometimes gratuitously, sometimes not at all. That's how I roll, hoser.

Mostly what I want to do is provide helpful information to people who want to improve their health and wellness.

It would be great if you comment on, share, or link to an article that you like. Maybe that sounds like a small thing on the surface, but it would mean a lot to me.