I know that I don't want ads. Ads on blogs really piss me off. And I'm not factoring this site into my financial plans.


I work as a way part-time freelance Coffee Hacker for Bulletproof Coffee. I pursued this job because I love the products. I believe in them and use some of them almost daily. This page is about the products I know and trust. If you choose to purchase anything here, you should know that I get a small commission. So, if you like the blog, maybe you try something?

First, let's start by talking about Bulletproof Coffee. Start by watching this official video or read What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Here's my anecdotal testimonial. I feel significantly different after a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. My focus and concentration are sharper. I do not feel hungry until lunchtime. My energy level is consistent. (If you live around the MD, DC, VA, area write me an email and I will come make you a cup of Bulletproof Coffee.)

Once you are on board, you need the oil.

Clicking the banner takes you to the 32oz size, which is cool but, there is a 16oz size as well. A bit less expensive if you're just trying it out. Click on the Healthy Fats tab to find it.

So really, this is the secret sauce. If you're not using this, you're not actually making Bulletproof Coffee.

Now, if you click that link you can go around the store and get whatever. There is a lot of interesting, high-science stuff there. Collagen protein powder for tissue repair and recovery, sugar-free/dairy-free chocolate, and goddamn vibration platforms.

That's it. If you check it out, I will be very grateful.