About Me

After a more than a decade of not paying attention to my health, I looked down at my newborn baby and decided I didn't want to be obese anymore.

I tried all sorts of combinations of diets and exercise with varying results. For the most part it felt like flailing in the dark, not know what was working and what wasn't. In 2012 it occurred to me that I should look into, well, science. And then it started to work.

First I lost about 50 lbs by changing my diet. Not by counting calories or doing weird diets. Sort of like a high quality Eat This, Not That approach.

I also experiment with things like veggie juices, intermittent fasting, and Bulletproof coffee. Not because these things are required for your health, but because we are all unique snowflakes. Maybe that odd thing you haven't tried yet will turn out to be supper effective in helping yopu achieve your fitness goals.

After I lost that fat, I started exercising. In the same way that I still experiment with food, I do the same thing with movement. I love DDPYoga and am currently finishing up my teaching certification for it. I tried bootcamps (hate it), but found a few elements I like. Tried some intro Crossfit and took away some cool stuff. I also tried wandering around gyms with no plan. That one didn't work so well.

I've gained back some weight, but this weight is muscle. I'm okay with that.

Jonah is a NASM certified and working personal trainer and nutrition coach. He teaches the occasional fitness class, designs nutrition programs, and delivers workshops on body hacks at science-fiction conventions while finishing his DDPYoga teaching certification. He does private consulting, works as a trainer at Primed, and teaches a nutrition class at Frederick Community College.