What Is A Pro Wrestling Snap Bump?

At forty-three years old, with no history of sport or athletics, I thought it would be fun to go to wrestling school. I'm three months in at Supreme Pro Wrestling in Sacramento. 

Guess what, asshole? 

You can do it, too.

A dude is running at you full steam. He sticks his arm out and catches you with a clothesline. What do you do?

You take a snap bump. 

How To Take A Snap Bump
-Throw your legs up like a rug is being pulled out from under you.
-Land on your shoulder blades / upper back right where your feet were.
-Tuck your chin, asshole
-Your palms and forearms strike the mat at the same time as your back

Easy enough, right? Cake.

Now stand up and do it. Wherever you are is probably fine. Go ahead.

Oh! You're old and not athletic and it'll probably hurt? Well, here's me doing it.

Pop quiz, hotshot! Based on my written description of the snap bump, what am I doing wrong in this video? Let's see...

Throwing my legs up? Yeah, could be crisper, but they're okay.

Land on shoulder blades / upper back? Yeah, mostly. Shoulders could be landing closer to my feet.

Tuck your chin, asshole? Yes! You only make that mistake once.

Palms and forearms... Ah! 

It looks like I did it right the first time, but the next three times I'm off. Can you see it? It looks like my elbows are hitting a half second early. I'm told that if I keep doing that without elbow pads I can chip my elbow bone. Not happy fun times! Gotta fix that.

Why am I crossing my arms as I jump up? If I slow that crossing down a touch, it should help with my timing, everything landing together. 

Also, when I land, my shorts slide up my legs real fast. That's distracting. Sorry about that.

There are nine basic bumps (depending how you count) in the bump drill at my school. I think I'll do a post on each one. Some of them I do pretty well, some kinda suck. Hey, if I can do it, so can you.

Oh! P.S. I made my debut as a ref at two shows last weekend. I'll write about that, too.

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