Review: Superior Amino 2222 Tabs by Optimum Nutrition

I went down to ye ole vitamin shop to pick up some fish oil for my son and thought, "Hey. I'm out of amino acids. I'll pick some up." Right there was my mistake.

When I talk to clients, I always recommend that they do some research on their supplements. I usually say, "google something like Top Rated Supplements and then buy something from the top of the list." This is the multivitamin list that I like, by the way.

So, rather than order the amino acids that I like, I pick up this bottle instead. Not really paying attention. No research.

What did I think? Well...

These things are shit.

First of all, you don't need soy to make good aminos. Generally speaking, most people should try to get down to near zero soy. But you know, there is an argument to be made that soy does not cause cancer. Maybe having a disrupted hormonal system is a net positive? Maybe Ted Cruz is legally allowed to be president and maybe there is no climate change. You know what? Fuck Ted Cruz, Fuck climate change deniers, and fuck soy twice.

But the big problem here is not if these pills will give you cancer (probably not). The problem here is the size of these bastards. Each tablet is about as long as a quarter. A fucking quarter. Now, I take me some vitamins and shit, I know how to swallow a pill. These are simply too big. I only threw up once, but I gag every time.

So then I break it in half, right? Only half as big! Great! I shit you not, the edges felt like they cut my esophagus. But at least I didn't throw up. Not an improvement.

So then I smash them with a mallet and mix them with water. That kind of worked, but if I wanted to do that I'd buy protein powder, not a tablet.

To be fair, if you have a lot of practice swallowing huge dicks as you do your crossfit W.O.D., you're probably fine. Keep swallowing, broski. For most humans however, you probably want to skip these.

But it's my fault. I should have done my research.