The Baseline Workout

The Baseline workout has become popular in the CrossFit world. Yes, I've talked about the many stupid things connected to CrossFit before and I've also talked about some of the positives. The idea and structure of this workout is one of the positives. Greg Tymon introduced this sucker to me and I really dig it.

The big picture here is to have a plan for your workout. If you're wandering around the gym just fucking around you really won't get anywhere even if you leave sweaty. This is a good example of how to structure a basic workout. And! If there is a zombie plague, this will get you physically ready.

What is the Baseline workout?

The Baseline workout consists of the following exercises strung together in succession:

500m row (some people do a run instead of a row and some people do 400m)
40 body weight squats
30 AbMat situps (this is an AbMat)
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups

Right? Basic stuff, but it's put together to be challenging.

How do you approach it?

  • Time the workout. 
  • Go as fast and steady as you can while keeping proper form.
  • If you cannot do a particular exercise, do a modification in good form (ex, knee push-ups).
  • Take as many breaks as needed.
  • If you lose proper form, take a break. Shitty push-ups don't count, cheater.

When you finish, record the time and keep it. If you're fit and want to keep going, take a 3 minute break and do it again.

Why do this workout?

There are three reasons people do this workout.

1) It's a pretty good workout! A couple modifications and you won't need a gym. And if you haven't done it before, it'll fuck you up.

2) Super competitive dinks like to compare their time to other D-bags. But I'm not going to tell you how. This is at the heart of why CrossFit can suck it.

3) Wait 4-8 weeks and do the workout again. Compare your new time to your old time and see how your fitness has progressed.

1 and 3 are the way to go. Try it.