Prudence Vertical Wall Planter - Review In Progress pt 1

Also good for... what? 
Turns out I've run out of garden space. Damn suburban house rental, I'm not allowed to dig up the front yard. I've bought some big ole pots and now decided to take a chance on this thing.

I've been reading more about this vertical planting stuff. On paper it all makes sense. You may not have floor, but you probably have wall. So plant on your damn wall. Cool! If this works, I'll be planting shit everywhere!

The Prudence vertical wall planter that I bought on Amazon for a reasonable price (I don't think the company actually has a website or I'd link to that), seems like a good place to start the experiment. I'll do a few updates over the summer and then summarize the experience at the end of the season.

I put about 3 trowels of organic veggie soil in each pouch followed by one seed (alternating zucchini and cucumber). We're halfway through May and ideally I would have planted these 4-6 weeks ago, right? Ah, well. Whatcha gonna do?

The fabric is described as "water retaining felt." Okay, great. I watered each pouch from the top down. It seems fine but, I don't think "water retaining" should be interpreted as "leak proof." Water didn't stream out, but it was damp afterwards.

It doesn't come with ties, so I dug up some twine. That's kind of a cheep move, dudes.

So far, so good.