Personal Trainers Are Stupid

Also, I look like this.

I am a certified personal trainer and I am stupid.

 The problem, I think, stems from a long list of societal blah blah cultural blah blah people are fucking assholes.

Last night I was watching that Neil deGrasse Tyson show, Startalk. It occurs to me that even though this guy is fucking brilliant and charismatic and is without a doubt moving the human race forward, there are still thousands of dumb fucks who don't believe that he is a credible source of information. That is fucking mind-boggling.

I am nowhere near as educated or respected or qualified as Dr. Tyson. But, I have a small corner of the universe where I kind of know what I'm talking about and in that corner we may find a chunk of space dedicated to health and fitness.

Now, here's where my stupid shines through. Let's imagine, if you will, an internet troll shithead come to life. This sub-humanoid ignores resume, education, proven science, and body of work and just says that an entire occupation is useless and a scam. And I say, "Well sir, I guess we disagree."

I am stupid because I do not stab him in the testicles with a screwdriver.

There is a certain population that thinks climate change is a myth, bread is healthy, and that Neil deGrasse just makes stuff up. When we encounter these people we do a disservice to our community, our nation, and our species by not murdering them in the street. (I suspect that some of these people were responsible for the laws that prohibit Team Reason from killing them, but I don't want to get too political so I'll drop it.)

I should also point out that there are a number of personal trainers who are, coincidentally, dumb fucks.

This move here? It was thought up by a broski who is fucking stupid. Luckily, you don't need to be a personal trainer to be stupid. You just need to be an asshole.