Diet And Exercise Won't Burn Fat

Not alone. Not if other things are fucked up.

I know a guy who has been busting his ass in the gym, on the mountain bike, in the pool, running on the road. Sometimes all in one day.

This guy is really fucking up. He's not burning the last 25 pounds though he's been at it for over a year. Every 2-3 months he gets a new overuse injury. And when his trainer has recommended a slightly less intense workout, dude tells him to fuck off. Whatever with that guy.

Too much exercise and you stop burning fat.

I know a lady who has been "eating healthy" for about 12 years and has continued to see a decline in her health and a desire in her body to stay 80lbs over where she wants to be. "Eating healthy" doesn't mean a damn thing. You can eat to gain fat, lose fat, or stay exactly how you are. You can eat to heal your body, damage your body, or to maintain whatever mix of health/unhealth where you currently are.

You know why else you might not be burning fat?

Not enough sleep every day.
Not enough water every day.
Not hitting 30 minutes of movement (walking around) every day.

A good eating plan combined with an exercise plan are fantastic. Make sure that they are a plan and not betting on health by osmosis. Plus, sleep and water and movement.