How To Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is defined as a "chronic condition" which means that it can not be cured.

This is bullshit.

Type 2 diabetes has been cured over and over again though out the world (here's one story) if we define "cured" as no longer needing medication and exhibiting no symptoms for five years or more. Interestingly, this is actually not how western medicine views "cured." Becoming cured of type 2 diabetes is impossible, western medical dickheads say, because the disease leaves a permanent impact on your body and it is possible for you to reinstall the code on your body's operating system. By this logic you can never cure a broken leg because you have scar tissue and you might be able to break it again. Fuck these assholes.

Here's how to cure type 2 diabetes.

First, continue taking your doctor prescribed medication until you are told you don't need it. Don't become a Jenny McCarthy anti-science fuck nut. Keep in mind though, the medical program you are on is likely designed for maintenance, not for a cure. We love to keep a disease under control rather than cure it. Losing weight is different from maintaining weight. Losing a disease is different from maintaining a disease.

Second, do some basic health maintenance and adopt the following as permanent habits: sleep at least 7 hours a night, drink a bunch of water every day, and get at least 30 minutes of moving around physical activity a day (different from exercise). In short, all humans should do these three things. Not doing them will cause your body to break in exciting and surprising ways! You have to get your body ready for repair before you start working on details.

Third, transition to a low-carb (low-starch) diet while increasing high quality fats and proteins (this is a pretty great summary). In short, carbs raise your blood sugar (glucose) and fuck your shit up. You want to significantly reduce your blood sugar for, pretty much, ever. Forever. Get it the fuck down.

Fourth, begin experimenting with intermittent fasting (here's a fantastic science based write up). In short, intermittent fasting is eating the same quantity of food within a more narrow window. There are many variations and it has been found to help control blood sugar and to encourage the passive burning of body fat. And this article looks at a combination of low-carb and intermittent fasting.

And that's it. Do it for a long fucking time or forever. It's not based on drugs and shit. It's based on getting your body to function like a human body.

Now, here's my special offer. I am looking for one person with type 2 diabetes who is willing to follow this four step program for one year. Write me an email and I will design a program specifically for you, check in with you once a week to trouble shoot complications, and get this shit done for no charge. In exchange, you write me a testimonial.

First come first served.