Garden Murder

It doth appear I murder plants.
Look at this shit. Look at it! This is the result of being an enthusiastic amateur about gardening.

I started off pretty well. I got my cold crops started inside a two months ago. I had a little problem with light, but hey, fuck it. And then I had a problem with hardening off, but fuck that too! Full steam ahead!

And then, you remember three weeks ago when it was super warm and I had to turn on the bedroom fan? I'm all like, "let's put these fuckers in the ground!"

And then you remember how there was frost twice in the last two weeks? >sigh< Well, my shit's pretty dead. Two months of dreaming about urban garden envy! Blah.

Well, what next? Give up? Secretly eat an entire pizza?

Here's the thing with being an enthusiastic amateur. You start strong. You perhaps become overly ambitious. You set unrealistic goals without knowing about potential pitfalls. From your ass you pull a random goal like, "I'm gonna lose 10lbs this week!" And then you fail because that's a stupid goal and you don't know what the fuck you're doing.

So, I should give up on my garden/fitness goals because I encountered hardship? Yes. I should quit. Whenever something is hard I should quit and eat a secret pizza.

Or, this weekend I might start the same crops outside in the ground. I accept my setback, make some adjustments, and start again. Maybe my bok choy will come up a bit later. Maybe I won't get as much spinach as last year, but I'll still get my damn spinach.

I reassess, readjust, restart. And then I finish. And I don't eat the pizza.