DDP Yoga Vs Weight Training Part 2

To recap, when I decided to stop being obese and sedentary, the first thing I did was to get my food under control. This took, I don't know, five years of trial and error to make the fat loss stick and stop yo-yo-ing. All that initial fat loss was due to nutrition changes, not exercise. But then, hey, I'm feeling better, I'm looking better, my lab work is good. Let's learn to exercise.

I love DDP Yoga. It's still my go-to work out of choice. I was doing it for a while before I decided to become a personal trainer. And here's where it collides.

I sign up for the one-year course work to become a PT. It started slow, so a couple months in I sign up to also become a certified DDP Yoga instructor. Because the PT classes started off with anatomy, business, and big picture overviews of elements of fitness, I had time to really crank through my required DDP Yoga hours. I was finishing my practice hours and getting into my teaching hours when the PT cert started getting into weight room stuff. And guess what? I don't know what the fuck is going on in the weight room. You know that thing where you lift weights over your head? Doesn't seem smart to me. What's that fucking thing called, anyway?

That's totally me.
So I hit pause on my DDP Yoga stuff and start doing weight room workouts. Fine. I focus on that for a while and hey, I pass my PT cert test. Good for me! I can work with credibility! But I feel like I've forgotten something....

Shit! I need to finish that DDP Yoga teaching cert. Right. I start doing that stuff again and then what happens? I start getting a few in-home clients. Great! I'm a real professional. Hmmm... But now I'm designing in-home workouts for folks without their own private weight room. Huh. Okay.

So as I start designing these body weight programs I feel the need to actually do these workouts. And that's a good thing because I should know what the fuck I'm doing. Sure, I throw in some DDP Yoga, but damn it, I need to become awesome at other stuff, too. (Actually, the result is a pretty cool and effective mix of styles, if I do say so myself.)

In the meantime, I've finished all of my DDP Yoga practice hours and all of my teaching hours, so now I just need to make my final official teaching videos. Except that my personal workouts have been doing the programs I'm designing for clients, so I'm making dumb mistakes in my 1 hour+ DDP Yoga workout. So I should double down on that.

But here's something new. I now have a fantastic opportunity at Primed: Fitness Redefined. But, to step into that I need to learn my Olympic lifts backwards and forwards. That opportunity? Fucking awesome and coming up soon. But after doing a 1 hour Olympic lifts + MetCon workout I am not ready for the ass kicking sweat-fest that is the DDP Yoga Level One workout.


Here's the thing: to be the best personal trainer that I can be, to make this 100% career and lifestyle change starting at 38 years old, I have a lot of fucking work to do. So now it's Olympic lifts and MetCon. I bust through this for the next couple months. After that, sweat to fucking god, I will finish my DDP Yoga Level One teaching cert. This summer. Swear to god.