Weight Loss Is Bullshit

If one of your fitness goals is "weight loss," you should know that it's a bullshit goal. Nobody in the fucking world wants "weight loss," but there are millions of people who should be thinking about "fat loss."

And it's not semantics, mother fucker. Losing weight and losing fat are two entirely different things with different strategies, tactics, and emotional anchors.

If all that you want to do is lose weight, you should strongly consider death or starvation as they are super effective at helping you lose weight fast. If all that you use to measure success is the number on the scale, you'll damage your health to change that number. You'll lose muscle, take a dump, cut your hair, and not eat for two days. And that won't help your health or your body fat percentage.

Now say to yourself, "I want to burn body fat." If this is the first time you've made that distinction, you'll notice that it feels different. Losing weight is nebulous and mysterious. Losing fat is specific. Losing weight is based on the scale, is not related to overall health, and requires no knowledge of how your body functions. Losing fat requires that you pay attention and give a fuck.

Now that we are being specific, we can make meaningful progress. It becomes clear pretty quickly that fat loss is connected to improved wellness and fitness, and if your goals really are improved wellness and fitness, you will eat for long term health and move for long term health and live for long term health. And that mean, once again, fuck calories and fuck diets.

The word "diet" has been distorted to mean a short-term change (probably by those assholes that are trying to sell you a scale). Diets or short-term food changes have never fucking worked in the long-term ever. Fucking ever. Long-term is 5 years+. Any food change will create a short-term change in your body. We want a permanent improvement and you won't get a permanent health improvement and lifestyle change from following a fad diet like calorie micromanagement.

As you look around you'll find articles on weight loss written by dumbfucks and articles on fat loss written by people screaming on a mountain trying to draw your attention to reality. It does require that you pay attention, but it will be worth it.

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