Ronda Rousey Should Murder Some Dudes

Almost everything about Ronda Rousey makes me happy. Like, true joy.

I can't even tell you how many championships and awards she has received. Seriously, I can't count that high. Her commitment to excel, to be the best in the fucking world at what she does is more inspirational than Steve Jobs' legacy. (Really? A fucking watch?)

She is the first American woman to medal at the Olympics in Judo.

She has been the only woman to hold the UFC Bantemweight championship since it was created.

She has had 11 professional fights and won them all.

She's stands alone on UFC promotional materials, selling tickets and PPV buys with her reputation and excellence.

And her charity work is very personal.

There's really only one thing that bums me out.

I really wonder if she enjoys flippping dickheads on their ass as a part of her promotional schedule. So, she goes on a show and the host is like, "So, you kick ass, huh? Show me something." And then she takes a deep breath and the bro is suddenly on the ground.

On the one hand, it's cool to watch the "I wonder if I'm a dickhead," look on their face afterwards, but I bet it got old a long time ago. I bet that she didn't get that shit on the set of Furious 7. I bet that The Rock was like, "you kick ass and I respect you." Not, "Why don't you show me something, lady?"

So, I would like to propose that she "accidentally" murder one of these guys. A particularly douchey swol bro who gives of the vibe of "what freakshow are for from?" Maybe she could accidentally drop him on his neck? Maybe on live TV? And then step on his nuts, giggle and say, "I'm so clumsy."

Just an idea.