Jon's Left Arm Is An Asshole

Let's say your arm is being an asshole.

You've psyched yourself up, put on your fighting trousers, and drank your magic drink. You're ready to get it on. You're going to move it move it! When all of a sudden, your arm starts acting like an asshole.

You've got a roar in your shoulder or jello in your elbow or a twist in your wrist. What do you do? Do you cancel your workout? Take of your trousers?

Exercising with an injury is very straight forward on the surface. If your left arm is broken, stop working on handstands for a while. And maybe back off on the bench press.

But what if you don't really have an "injury" type injury? What if you've got one of those weird feelings that shows up once in a while. What do you do? What are those things any way? I don't even know.

Don't let your arm turn the rest of you into an asshole. Start to get ready and go through your warm up (you are warming up, aren't you?). Work on your legs and your trunk, then cautiously add in some range of motion/mobility stuff with your arms. Nobody in the history of the world has been able to figure out why arms get sore, but sometimes just moving your arm around can make it feel better. At least it does with me. Sometimes.

Truth is, there are many reasons why your arm might hurt and jellyfish stings are only three of the possibilities and I might lose my license to practice medicine if I diagnose everyone's conditions in a blog post.

Hmmm, I thought that I'd have something more to say about this, but I guess I don't. This post is pretty useless.

And by the way, this is what happen when I try to write an article based on a funny title suggestion. Thanks, Carrie.