Crossfit Info For Beginners. WTF is it?

Welcome to Crossfit Week here on Eating Moving Living! We will go over everything you need to know about this shit. The good (there is some!), the bad (there is lots!), and the ugly (the whooo!). Hell Yeah!

Article 2.

Today we discuss: Crossfit info for beginners. WTF is this crossfit shit?

In part 1. we talked about how crossfit culture turns out a disproportionate number of asshole as compared to, say, zumba. (Hmmm, maybe not zumba. I'll have to think on that.) But there is a reason why so many dbags come out of crossfit and become evangelists: the core idea of crossfit is fucking effective. And this core idea is the exercise style known as Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon for short).

I've been trying to go a full month without saying anything positive about anything, but I'm now going to break that streak. MetCon style workouts are pretty damn effective at achieving full body holistic fitness improvements. MetCon workouts are used officially and unofficially by the military, first responders, and various pro athletes and, you know what, a beginner can pretty easily pick up the fundamentals.

What is a MetCon workout?

In a nutshell, you do a handful of exercises, with minimal rest in between, as intense as you fucking can, within a set period of time, attempting to break your personal record.

Here's a classic crossfit workout named "Cindy." (All the workouts are named after girls because the founder is a douchebag)
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
For 20 minutes
So, you do a loop of these three exercises over and over for 20 minutes. Can you do it twice?  Three times maybe? One guy did 34 fucking rounds. (Here's a list of more crossfit workouts from a gym in PA)

And this is why, really, crossfit is a sport. It is competitive exercising. People who like exercising so much that they want to be the best in the world at exercising. And that's why a lot of these people come across as assholes.

"You just did 34 rounds of Cindy! Holy shit! Bro, you can exercise like a mother fucker!"

"I know, bro. Lick my abs."

For regular humans the awesome thing to take away from crossfit is that core idea of the MetCon: pick a couple exercises that when done together will hit all parts of your body, do them as fast as you can for 20 minutes without much rest. And you know what, if you add intensity to your workout, your workout will likely become significantly more effective.

Except that, if you are a beginner, you should not do this. You definitely shouldn't do it alone and you probably shouldn't do it with your friend and maybe even that jacked up trainer at the gym shouldn't make you do it. Why? Because of the massive crossfit injury rate.

Tomorrow's article: the massive crossfit injury rate.

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