Bulletproof Coffee - Coffee Hacker

As of today I am officially an independent contractor for the events team at for Bulletproof Executive.

My title is Coffee Hacker. Sweet. As a part time contractor, will be to do the following:

  Go places
  Make Bulletproof Coffee
  Talk about Bulletproof Coffee
  Be cool

I dig it.

I've also received permission to spearhead an experimental off shoot program. It's conceptually like the Pampered Chef home party thing, except instead of a guilt ridden, high pressure situation to buy stuff you don't want, you would host a Bulletproof party where I show up and make Bulletproof Coffee for your friends. Yes, I will then talk about it and answer questions, but there's no pressure to buy any thing. Nobody makes a commission.

The goal of these coffee tasting parties is, well, get people to taste the actual recipe with the actual ingredients. More questions about hosting one? Send me an email.

Now. The first big, official place I'm going:

The Savage Race in Dade City, Florida. March 28 & 29. I'll practice my barista skills for a couple hundred people that have come to partake in events like The Nut Smasher.

Now, I'm not turning the blog into an add, but hey, I'm going to be thinking about this stuff and telling you what's what. I'll post about the trip, maybe some photos or something. And answer any questions you have.