What Is A Movement Plan?

There's this guy named Kelly Starrett, PhD.

He runs MobilityWOD, a site about healing through movement. What else?

 He wrote the book Becoming A Supple Leopard which is awesome.

Starrett is credited with taking some physiology ideas and then refining, developing, and popularizing them. If that sounds at all interesting, go to the website, buy the book, and listen to him talk on podcasts. I've taken a lot of inspiration from his work, but the big thing that I use with my clients is the idea of a movement plan.

There are different types of movement. Many of us might think that there's just exercise and then whatever we do when walking around and hanging out or something. A movement plan is a set of deliberate movements done for a specific reason. They're not quite stretches, not really exercises, and not much like physical therapy, but maybe a combination of all three.

Why Have A Daily Movement Plan?

If we don't remind our bodies that we have full range of motion, we lose it. If we don't wake up our muscles every day, they stop working. Back pain? Sore butt from sitting? Discomfort in your knee or shoulder? It's likely that you can diminish or eliminate this stuff just by moving around every day.

For example: if you sit a lot (commuting, working, hanging out) chances are pretty good that you've deactivated your butt muscles. You've turned off your ass. So turn it back on!

There are lots of ways to wake up your butt. Here's an easy one that you can do at work and it won't look too weird.

Stand up straight, both feet on the ground, toes forward (Zero elevation shoes or barefoot works best).

Hold onto a chair or desk for balance.

Bring one leg straight back (extension) and hold it, clenching your butt, for about five seconds.


Depending on your body, your goals, your lifestyle you might do something like this as well as 3-6 more. In the morning or at night or whenever.

Move every day in a deliberate way.

While I do not take online personal training clients, I do develop personalized movement plans.