Belly Fat Loss Diet Cure Removal Bullshit

Got belly fat? No problem!

Click my clicky and I'll show you 75 secrets on how my belly fat diet cure removal plan will get you Jason Momoa or Jillian Michaels abs. Best of all, nobody in the world knows about any of these easy peasy exercises! I made them all up myself and they totally work!

We've all clicked those stupid ass spam articles. Ooh, this is the one. A belly fat cure! A diet guaranteed to work in ten days! Where I'll finally learn how to get abs! By and large, they're 82-91% bullshit.

First, fuck your abs. Certain body types are not designed to show off your abs even with a fairly low body fat percentage. Which is different from saying that it's impossible to burn fat. Whoever you are, you can burn fat, we just might not be able to wash our clothes on your torso when you're done. Having awesome abs is a bullshit goal.

But let's say that you have extra body fat to lose. You're determined, you're ready to go, so you click one of those top ten ways to get results without actually doing any work lists. And what happens? Bullshit happens.

Old Rule: Crunches and sit ups are bullshit. Knock that shit off.

To "tighten up" your core, your number one priority should be to improve your food. Even without seeing your abs as a goal, carrying extra water weight or a body fat percentage just a little bit higher than what your body wants can keep us all a bit soft. And soft can be fine. Body builders and hard bodies are susceptible to certain health problems because they prioritize bulging veins. Sure, you can set up a diorama of G.I.Joe trench warfare on their gut, but do they also celebrate their decreased libido, fucked up lab work, and inability to bend over? 2.4% body fat is not the goal.

And, there is no belly fat diet. There are foods that break your hormones and encourage your body to store extra fat and there are foods that heal your hormones and encourage your body to burn extra fat. If you try to hack it buy putting goji berries on your pizza or a mulit vitamin in your Snickers, dude, ain't gonna work. Scam diets are not the goal.

What Should Be My Goal?

If you are a regular person and not an athlete, your goal should be to get healthy and fit, right? To reduce your susceptibility to injuries and diseases. But what does that mean? Kind of some vague bullshit, there.

It means that trying to target belly fat through exercise is almost always ineffective. This is pretty standard knowledge these days among folks who have been paying attention to exercise science, but you still run into folks who are operating with outdated info. If you need to burn body fat, exercises that focus on your core will garner disappointing results because you probably have inaccurate expectations. Which means, don't focus on your belly. Your belly and hips are the last places that will tone, the last places to get definition.

With that understood, here are the two basic steps.

Step 1- Focus On Food

1) Improve your food, don't hack it 2) maintain that improvement over time, 3) extra body fat starts to goes away without exercise.

Now stop!

Did you make a permanent change in your food? If not, it doesn't matter what kind of movement you're doing. Not in the fucking slightest.

Step 2- Start moving

You have cleaned up your diet and are ready to move. Here's how you do it. Move deliberately for 30-minutes a day. A balanced combination of movements that effect cardiovascular, strength, and mobility.

And that's it. That's all you need. I fucking promise.

But it's also a disappointing end to an article that talks about magically tightening your core... Hmmm...

Okay, fine. Add this.

After you've cleaned up your diet. After you've begun moving your body everyday for 30-minutes. Throw in a Trunk Twist as a basic movement and not as part of your exercise.

Feet hip width apart, toes forward, slight bend in the knees.

Clench/tighten/activate your glutes, hips, core, chest, arms. Suck your belly button in and hold it. Don't hold your breath, hold your muscles. Maintain tightness throughout the entire movement. Breath deep.

Keeping your hips straight ahead, slowly twist to the right, above the belt movement only. Reach out with your left hand (still fully contracted). Hold at the end of your range of motion for five seconds.

Return to center. Twist to the left. Do ten.

The key is to keep every muscle tight for the entire duration.

You can do this once or twice a day, but only after you've 1) cleaned up your diet and 2) started moving your body for 30-minutes a day. The addition of the Trunk Twist will help tighten your core, but only if you've taken care of the food and movement.

Cool. Sound good? Just promise me one thing. Stop clicking on bullshit lists and we'll all be fine.