DDP Yoga vs Weight Training

I am finishing up two certifications simultaneously. As I write this, I will get my Personal Trainer certification through NASM in, probably, late December. I will also, likely, finish my DDP Yoga Level 1 teaching certification around the same time. Doing both of these at the same time has been dilemma inducing.

For the NASM PT cert, my goal is to learn the basic barbell lifts and variations like the back of my hand. I haven't done much of that previously, so building the muscle memory for the perfect form of deadlift, Romanian deadlift, Sumo deadlift, etc, has been surprisingly fun and unsurprisingly time intensive.

For the DDP Yoga cert, my ultimate goal is to be able to teach three classes a day. That is goddamn hard. I can do it, but then the next day I am super sore. I do believe that DDP Yoga is, for folks interested in general fitness, a pretty complete package. Initially I had wanted to only do DDP Yoga in order to say, "Dude! Check out my DDP Yoga body!" But that's unrealistic for me. While I don't plan on deadlifting as a part of my typical workout, dude, I should know how to do all three versions, right?

In fact, when I think about it, I want to do weird workouts in the future that are not weight lifting or DDP Yoga. Like, I want to do super hero/pro wrestling/parkour stuff. That would be fun and functional and all the neighborhood kids would think I was awesome. I don't want to get locked into one thing.

But I also want to know my shit. I can't do Black Crow yet and I want to.

I can't do a clean and jerk press and I want to.

I still have work to do.