Week 7 - Cold Thermogenisis

Week 7! Almost done.

This week

Two things happened that are worth mentioning. First, I tweaked my knee a bit. Because of this I only got in one good workout. I did a bunch of additional flexibility focused yoga, but not much in the way of strength, cardio, and endurance.

Second, I realized that starting in week 6 I've had dessert/sweets almost every day. Normally I'll have ice cream or something 3-4 times a week, but in the last 10-14 days we've also had a bunch of baked goods around the house. Related to this, there have been more meals than usual that were sub optimal. For example, I had two hot dogs for lunch yesterday. Really? What the fuck was that about? On the one hand, having a week or two of poor food choices now and then is typical for most people and my goal is to eat and exercise normally. On the other hand, that's kind of bullshit and I need to knock it off.

Criteria To Track

The following are purported results of cold therapy. Measuring some of these has been tricky.

Lowering Body Fat Percentage (measured with an electrical impedance body fat analyzer)
Week 0 - 17.1%  Weight On My Home Scale - 192lbs
Week 1 - 17.0%  Weight On My Home Scale - 190lbs

Week 2 - 17.3%  Weight On My Home Scale - 188lbs. That's weird, weight down, body fat up.
Week 3 - 16.9%  Weight On My Home Scale - 192lbs. Weird again.
Week 4 - 16.5%  Weight On My Home Scale - 191lbs 
Week 5 - 17.0%  Weight On My Home Scale - 190lbs
Week 6 - 16.8%  Weight On My Home Scale - 192lbs

Week 7 - 17.6%  Weight On My Home Scale - 194lbs! 
*NOTE - The two devices I am using are not top-of-the-line contraptions. They are almost the opposite. For each of these I am taking the measurement multiple times until I get an average or consistent number. Week-to-week changes are likely not statistically significant. Comparing Week 1 to Week 8 will be the significant result.

Cutting Food Cravings
Week 1 - While wearing the vest at night, I have occasionally been snacking less. This snacking may be more habitual than hunger related.

Week 2 - No noticeable change in hunger.
Week 3 - Vacation week. Very little evening snacking. Felt fine.
Week 4 - Some popcorn, some ice cream.
Week 5 - Hmmm, a few more snacks. 
Week 6 - I have to say no. I have not seen any long term reduction in my hunger or desire to snack.

Week 7 - No reduction in cravings.

Improving Deep Sleep Quality
Week 1 - I have not noticed an improvement in sleep. On some nights it has taken me longer to fall asleep, although this has not been consistent and is not necessarily related.

Week 2 - If anything my sleep has been worse. I do not think that this has to do with the cold. I've been reading The Dresden Files at night and it keeps me awake.
Week 3 - Vacation week. Really shitty hotel bed resulted in shitty sleeping. 
Week 4 - Going to bed earlier means I sleep better.
Week 5 - Sleep seems better.

Week 6 - I have not noticed a change in sleep quality separate from amount of sleep.
Week 7 - I do feel good sleep.

Increasing Pain Tolerance
Week 1 - Not sure how to measure this. Perhaps my cold tolerance has increased, but that may be speculation.

Week 2 - Still not sure how to measure. 
Week 3 - Vacation week. ?
Week 4 - No real pain, but not much exercise.
Week 5 - No real pain.
Week 6 - No real pain.

Week 7 - Aside from my tweaked knee, no real pain.

Reducing Inflammation
Week 1- I do DDPYoga as an almost-daily exercise. Occasionally I have stiffness in a shoulder or lower back, both in areas where the vest does not come into contact. I have still had the occasional shoulder stiffness. I have not noticed the lower back stiffness, but that is not a daily or even weekly occurrence. 

Week 2 - I still have the occasional stiffness.
Week 3 - Vacation week. I had a sore butt/back from driving.
Week 4 - Not much stiffness.
Week 5 - Not much stiffness.
Week 6 - Not much stiffness.

Week 7 - Not much stiffness.

Okay. Goal for this last week. No desserts. I assume that my 2-4lb fat gain is a warning, pushing the high end of my set point. Let's stop fucking around and remember to be normal.