Week 1 - Cold Thermogenesis

Week 1 of my experiment is complete! Bwahaha!

The story so far...

I am using the Cool Fat Burner ice vest to lower my core body temperature in order to see if the widely proclaimed benefits of cold therapy actually exist.

I did a blood test on Wednesday 7/23 and started the experiment on Thursday 7/24. After 8 weeks I will get a second blood test and then compare the results with Dr. X, an actual practicing doctor who wishes to remain anonymous.

I am not altering my diet or my exercise.

And now, Week 1 summary.

I used the vest twice a day each day of the week. I put it on in the morning and then again after dinner. The morning session runs 60-90 minutes and the evening session is around 120 minutes.

In addition to the vest, I wear shorts only.

The recommendations accompanying the vest use are: maintain a room temperature of around 70 degrees and to drink ice water. If possible, take a cold shower prior to beginning the session. The idea is to help the process of lowering your core temperature and not to fight the heat. I had a few hot days where I couldn't lower the room temperature all the way, but on those days I took cold showers and drank ice water/ate ice cream.

Recommendation for beginners is to wear the vest once a day for 30 minutes, but I have a high cold tolerance (thanks, South Dakota) and wanted to make sure that if there are results to be measured, I would be able to do so.

Criteria To Track

The following are purported results of cold therapy. Measuring some of these has been tricky.

Lowering Body Fat Percentage (measured with an electrical impedance body fat analyzer)
Week 0 - 17.1%  Weight On My Home Scale - 192lbs
Week 1 - 17.0%  Weight On My Home Scale - 190lbs
*NOTE - The two devices I am using are not top-of-the-line contraptions. They are almost the opposite. For each of these I am taking the measurement multiple times until I get an average or consistent number. Week-to-week changes are likely not statistically significant. Comparing Week 1 to Week 8 will be the significant result.

Cutting Food Cravings
Week 1 - While wearing the vest at night, I have occasionally been snacking less. This snacking may be more habitual than hunger related.

Improving Deep Sleep Quality
Week 1 - I have not noticed an improvement in sleep. On some nights it has taken me longer to fall asleep, although this has not been consistent and is not necessarily related.

Increasing Pain Tolerance
Week 1 - Not sure how to measure this. Perhaps my cold tolerance has increased, but that may be speculation.

Reducing Inflammation
Week 1- I do DDPYoga as an almost-daily exercise. Occasionally I have stiffness in a shoulder or lower back, both in areas where the vest does not come into contact. I have still had the occasional shoulder stiffness. I have not noticed the lower back stiffness, but that is not a daily or even weekly occurrence.

The following are additional purported benefits that will be measured by comparing my blood tests. When the experiment is complete I will post the comparison of my blood tests for the following:

Hormone Levels
Fertility (testosterone)
Blood Sugar
Adrenal Functions
Thyroid Function
Improved Immunity Function
Reduction of Inflammatory Markers Overall