Preparing For Cold Thermogenesis

I am beginning my most sciency self experiment yet!

I will be spending eight weeks attempting to lower my core temperature and the measure the results.

And there is even a doctor involved! Dr. X (she requested that I not use her real name because there may be insurance issues) will go over my blood test prior to beginning and then compare it to a post experiment blood test.

Seriously? Why do this? A couple reasons.

Dr. Jack  Kruse has popularized the idea of cold thermogenesis, but a lot of folks think that he's a crackpot. I've mentioned him before and some folks have responded with vitriol. Should we blindly the science of one lone voice? No.
Part of the skepticism is that there are a ton of benefits linked to cold thermogenesis. Like a Hell of a lot. Like what?

According to Ben Greenfield in his very cool article, benefits of controlled cold exposure include at least eleven  items such as:
  • Lowering body fat
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Fixing thyroid problems
  • Lowering blood sugar
 This is actually a big deal. If controlled cold exposure does do these things, folks with type II diabetes should strongly consider looking into it.

But really, man, isn't this a bunch of bullshit? I mean, really? Cold? Really?

Well, we will find out, wont we?

I will be posting the results of my blood tests, my diet, my exercise, maybe even thoughts on how I'm sleeping. I will track these things and more over eight weeks and share them with you.

For science!