Does The Cool Fat Burner Work?

Well, we are going to find out!

The Cool Fat Burner is the device I am using for my cold thermogenesis experiment. The website is full of sciency stuff which I am a sucker for. (It also has an unsettling internet marketing design, but the owner is beginning a redesign, I am told.) I bought the vest and ice packs because Ben Greenfield, a guy I trust, eloquently endorsed the thing for a number of logical sounding reasons. I want to believe.

The package arrived in the mail yesterday and although I have not officially begun my 8-week experiment (waiting on lab results and some pre-experiment busy work), well heck, I'm going to play with the thing. It's too early to know if I am achieving any positive cold results, but I've put it on four times, so here are my Day-1 thoughts.

  • Does it fit? My chest size is right between the medium and large. I chose medium and it seems to fit fine. It comes to just above my nipples. Maybe I'll take a picture for you.

  • How long do you wear it? 90-100 minutes might be the sweet spot. For the first hour it just feels chilly, not bone cold or anything. Just after an hour is when I start shivering. This happened the third time I tried it because I couldn't wait for the packs to freeze all the way. When the shivering started I got really happy. I had been concerned that maybe I would just feel cool with this thing, but no! Starting with fully frozen packs, the deep cold kicks in just after an hour.

  • Is it for real cold? When I first put it on, the ice packs rest on my collar bones. For a few minutes, less than five, it is uncomfortable enough to fiddle and shift around. After that, I get numb and go with it. (It also must be said that I am a winter person and not a summer person.) By the end, the packs are softening and creating condensation. Some of those drips are surprisingly wet and cold. A good indicator that time may be up.

I've read some online complaints about this and that, but so far I have none. It is basically well thought through and functional, so if indeed I am able to achieve some positive health benefits from cold thermogenesis, The Cool Fat Burner should deliver.

Now the question is: will I achieve those positive results?

Stay tuned.