Eating - Moving - Living: Post 1

Part Nutritionist.
Part Personal Trainer.
Part Wellness Coach.

When I first thought about working in Fitness, I found it impossible to choose any one of these areas as my sole focus because none of them exist in a vacuum.

If you don't have your eating together, you can't reach your movement goals. Without movement, you can't be well. Without thinking about how you want to live, eating can suffer. My specialization is with folks who have simply not thought a lot about their health, but want to make a permanent change.

I am not a calorie-counting nutrition cop. I am not a drill sergeant personal trainer living in the gym. I am not a fringe theory wellness coach. I start with provable science and present it in a fun, understandable way. Whatever your eating (vegetarian, paleo, vegan, junk food), activity (outdoorsy, couch potato), or well-being (zen, stressed), we can work together to define and fine-tune your goals and tools.

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